Roque Larraquy


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    Paseo de Julio and was never allowed to use in the
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    No, that’s all gone. We had to give a few bottles to the cleaning lady to keep her quiet. Come with me.”
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    Each word Sylvia utters is a fly leaving her mouth, and she must avoid speaking to keep their numbers down. I immerse her in freezing water. When I let go she lifts her head,
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    I have many colleagues and still can’t tell them all apart. There’s a stocky fellow with a mole on his chin who always says hello to me and about whom I remember nothing but his mole
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    There are people who don’t exist, or who barely do, like Ms. Menéndez. The head nurse. She fits entirely into the space of those words. The women who report to her smell and dress alike and call us “Doctor.” If a patient takes a turn for the worse due to an oversight or one too many injections
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