Sasha Moon

The Alpha King's Omega

“I was doomed. I couldn't have children, yet I wanted to be his Omega…”
Ariol is an Omega who doesn't mind doing his destined duties. In fact he's always wanted a family mainly for the benefit of having kids. After a brutal diagnosis saying he can’t have kids, Ariol falls off the deep end and into the arms of his fated mate, who happens to be a cocky Alpha.
How can Ariol accept love when he can’t have kids?
Brennan is used to the life of being an Alpha, countless Omegas and a never ending supply of money. But when Ariol’s scent calls out in distress all of the one nightstands come to an end in the blink of an eye.
Brennan is going to show Ariol how an Alpha creates miracles… But can he get him to stay when there’s a kingdom at risk?
«Ariol, don't run from me. I need you… And you need me.”
This is an mpreg romance with NO cheating and a wonderful happy ever after ready to make your day shine!
36 printed pages
Original publication



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