M.L. Ronn

Be a Writing Machine

The no-nonsense, no BS guide to becoming a prolific author--available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook!
Do you want to write a lot of novels, but can't improve your writing speed?

Writing fast is the most important skill you can develop as a writer. While it seems hard to hit high word counts, the secrets are easier than you think.

In this writer's guide, prolific author M.L. Ronn pulls back the curtain on the process that he uses to write 6–8 novels a year. He has kept this pace while juggling responsibilities as a husband, father, manager at a Fortune 100 company, and a law school student. The result is a catalogue of over 40 books and counting.

Create a writing habit that suits your lifestyle
Use writing apps on your phone to double your word count
Learn strategies to beat writer's block forever
Discover how to write smarter by using unorthodox strategies used by the masters

This book is the only thing standing between you and your writing dreams. Write faster, write smarter, beat writer's block, and be the prolific author you've always wanted to be!
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    Samid Nawashared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading


    Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted3 months ago
    It would be impossible to imagine a musician who doesn't listen to music, a painter who doesn't study paintings, or an actor who doesn't watch plays. Just as those artists study their craft, so too must writers.
    Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted3 months ago
    Reading fills the creative well because it gives the subconscious reference points for characters, story, and dialogue.
    Olga Kisselmannhas quoted2 years ago
    Freewriting is useful in other ways too. Some people use it to get inside the head of their characters. Others use it to clear out their minds prior to writing—an active meditation of the hands, if you will.
    Personally, I find freewriting to be most helpful in fighting fear. I don't find it to helpful in finding inspiration, but that's just me.
    I went through a period where I freewrote every day. I don't recommend that. Otherwise, it will become a crutch. Use it only as needed.

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