M. S Joel

The Art of Flirting

WHILE it might be true that some people are born natural flirts, however others, though riddled with hesitation and awkwardness limit themselves to the point where, despite their ability to create illusion, to compel, to manipulate and give pleasurable excitement, still can’t seem to charm a bird out of a tree even if their life depended on it.

The book, The Art of Flirting: 11 Flirting Tips for Successful Dating is a masterful piece on how to identify, create a spell, compel a target to surrender and flirt with the opposite sex without falling into the pitfalls. It unpacks the greatest rules, the timeless synthesis of ancient era and how to break every resistance of your target and persuade her to surrender willing to your bidding.

Furthermore, this book will turn you into a friend magnet and teach you on how to use your skills to influence business relationships.

Immerse yourself in the 11 Flirting Tips for Successful Dating and gain mastery over the girl you’ve got an eye on.
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