M. S Joel

How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You

A bold technique into a new dimension on how to seduce a woman, take her home and have a blowout sex with her.

Here is a book that will teach you on how to poeticize yourself into the subconscious mind of any woman, mirroring her likes and dislikes, and being the NO 1 in her list of all men that would ever approach her.

Fighting your way past a woman’s resistance, passing through her fear and inhibition without raising doubt and suspicion, entering into her soul and spirit without being a threat, and battling  with her emotion. Your objective . ..? To make her powerless to resist you not until, with a passion of a ragging cobra, she can no longer do without you!

Without seduction, no man would ever win over an extremely beautiful woman, let alone have the luxury of asking her to come over to his place to have sex with him, whether in his apartment or in hers’.

This is a book that will teach you how to get any woman with you on bed. Read it to be loved, respected and desperately needed by women.
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