Juha Öörni

I Passed The Exam

I Passed The Exam: The Ultimate Guide to Prepare Exam, Pass Exam & Getting Good Grades

We’ve all heard comments on how much someone dreads taking exams. Unfortunately, for most of us, exams are simply a part of life … whether we are talking high school, college, or professional licensure. How great would it be to learn surefire strategies to take the worry out of exam preparation, to improve your exam taking abilities, and as a result, get dramatically better grades.

I PASSED THE EXAM | The Ultimate Guide to Prepare Exam, Pass Exam and Getting Good Grades by Juha Öörni will help you do exactly that. This book explains how to take the pain out of studying and maybe … even make it enjoyable!  You will learn tricks to study happily, effectively and comfortably!  You will learn seven key steps that are essential for efficient, effective exam preparation. Following these seven steps will make all the difference in the world in your exam performance.

This book will teach you to identify the key questions to focus on and answer as you study your material. You will learn to find and clearly understand the key point being made in each paragraph. Putting these tips into practice, you will read gaining a much better understanding of the material. You can go into that next exam with the confidence of knowing that you are as prepared as you can to take your grades to the next level.

If you are someone struggling with exams and exam preparation, this is the book for you. Learning the tips and techniques in the book can make all the difference in the world on your next exam!
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