Thomas Celentano

Using English Expressions for Real Life: Stepping Stones to Fluency for Advanced ESL Learners

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English is full of expressions that convey slang meanings, sarcastic meanings, informal meanings, and many other meanings that are not immediately apparent by defining the single words in an expression. This book was written for the advanced ESL learner who wants to explore the next level of English proficiency: understanding how English native speakers communicate daily needs, feelings and desires using expressions.
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    Gul Tajhas quoted8 months ago
    . Don’t stress out* about every little thing
    Anna Chaplinahas quotedlast year
    stress out = don’t worry)

    (** every little thing = about every detail)

    (*** up to snuff = you will know about or be up to date on)
    KKhas quotedlast year
    (*To be up front means to be completely honest with someone without hiding any facts.)

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