Quotes from “Shortest History of Germany” by James Hawes

In 1745, all England trembled with fear as the Highland Scots invaded. No one thought them romantic. But once they’d been smashed at Culloden, the British Army almost immediately began using them as shock-troops, and the English public fell in love with tales of their unspoiled, natural bravado.
they always got away with it, because as officers of the Prussian army they
officers of the Prussian army they were tried only by their peers.
Even now, it seemed impossible that Russia and Britain, who had been in state of cold war since the Crimean War, could ever be genuine military allies.
taxes paid by western German industrialists and the loaves of overpriced bread bought by western German industrial workers subsidised the agricultural estates and army jobs of the East Elbian Junker
end of the 19th century, it seemed a toss-up whether English or German would
Germany led the world in the latest technologies: even Britain’s Royal Navy was now clad in Krupp’s patent armour-plate.
German literacy rates were far above those in Britain or France and the working-class were accustomed to military discipline and low wage
One thing that made re-investing so attractive was the highly-educated but poor workforce
close relationship between state policy and private industry gave German firms a great sense of security
tariff walls he had adopted after 1880 meant that home-grown industry was protected from foreign competiti
Bismarck was gone, but he left behind a Germany ready for industrial boom.
1890, the hot-headed young Wilhelm II, determined to rule as a genuine monarch, called Bismarck’s bluff and let him go
The Royal Navy and the US Navy spontaneously made common cause against German expansion in the South Pacific: on Samoa, in 1889, it came very close to a shooting war. This was the seed of the special relationship between the US and the UK.
Open anti-semitism was now socially respectable at the highest levels.
1893, candidates who made anti-semitism their main platform (half of them actually called themselves Anti-semites on the ballot-slips) won sixtee
this new anti-semitism was a socially radical moveme
To radical Protestants, the Jews henceforth joined in dark union with the Catholic Church as foreign bodies within Prussian-German-ness
finance-driven Modernity was the Anglo-Jewish master-pla
degenerate and cowardly, with the mentality of shopkeepers rather than heroes, yet somehow
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