Impressions of “The Shortest History of Germany” by James Hawes

Vyacheslav Varenitsyn
Vyacheslav Varenitsyn shared an impression7 months ago
👍Worth reading
💡Learnt A Lot

I live in Kaliningrad. This the eastern point of Russia and ex-capital of East Prussia. In school we had very poor information about history of Königsberg and even less about history of Germany (for obvious reason).

This book opened my eyes to much things in German history. It was really fast adventure through German-life period, which I find very interesting and amazing. Now I know, how the Germany still stand on it’s legs as great country, which lead all of the Europe.


rivohshared an impression6 months ago


Маша Алешина
Маша Алешинаshared an impression3 months ago
👎Give This a Miss

VICTORIA GARCIA PADILLAshared an impression5 months ago
👍Worth reading
💡Learnt A Lot

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