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Fast Facts or The Art of Being Happy (Positive Thinking Book)

Researchers from Yale University say that, in fact, people who are not afraid of old age and who look at aging as at something natural, age and die later than others. In scientists’ opinion, good humor can extend human life by 7 and even more years. And this applies even to people whose health is not perfect, in general. Such is the “magic” of good humor, the scientists say. It prolongs life, even of those who already have a whole bunch of diseases. These are causes of health dependence on patients’ mood, which interest the doctors most of all. As, provided that they understand how it works, scientists can simulate processes occurring in an optimist’s body with the purpose to treat pessimists. But there are only hypotheses here so far. According to one of them, optimists are more intent to take good care of themselves — eat smart, go in for sports, and avoid bad habits. This explains both their good mood and good health.

Everyone knows that being an optimist is right, and being a pessimist is wrong. But how often do we long for developing our way of positive thinking? I am referring to the specific examples and showing you only a few traits of a real optimist, which help him in difficult situations! In general, we always try to treat ourselves as people not alien to positive thinking. We sigh and say, «Everything that happens happens for good,“ and spend many tears over our miserable lives. Or we think, «Time heals," and recall the happy moments of time, which cannot be returned, for the hundredth time. That is, we are not successful in becoming optimists. Meanwhile, it is positive thinking, which helps to survive in the most circumstances, which seem to be harsh at first glance! So, Let's Start!

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