Helena Angel

How to Determine The Manipulator Man and Stop Being The 'Predator's' Victim

Provocative manipulation is the unique tool. If you don’t notice the provoker’s behavior in time, you can quickly become a victim of his tricks. Every person has one odd habit that, on the one hand, helps us to survive (being an evolutionary mechanism, after all), and on the other, makes us defenseless against the ‘provokers…’

Any provoker has a purpose, and this use is forcing us to do what he needs. And that's wonderful! Excellent if you have no goals and you are willing to spend your precious life on servicing the other people's interests. Provocative scenarios can be all sorts, different but they all mean one thing – shake the selected victim to make it show emotions, do all the best to switch on the emotional intelligence and disable the left logical hemisphere of the cerebral cortex, to weaken criticality. And we, women, being the loving creatures, are so easy to get caught on this ‘bait’! And not just us…

Emotions are a great ‘thing,' important and necessary, but not when your health, peace of mind and precious time are on the chopping block. A provoker causes several unhealthy states. This can be a state of excitement, when a person starts proving something, not noticing anything around him. For example, when you hear the hint that you’re ‘bad.’ But, remember how often parents and society were telling us to be ‘good.’ At the same time, no one gave us this ‘goodness’ criteria. But this is an imprint experience, so it’s so important for us to be ‘good,' to give a good account of ourselves to the society. This is what an experienced manipulator uses so often.

When a provoker uses ‘pathos,' it is comparable to humiliation followed by a strong emotional response, and the provoker assigns the required meaning to it. As a rule, then your behavior is interpreted as weakness, helplessness, and worthlessness. And in a state of intense ‘swinging on emotions,' your unconscious mind is ready to ensure that the provoking manipulator has put any suggestion in it – this is where many psychosomatic diseases originate.

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