You May Kiss the Duke, Charis Michaels
Charis Michaels

You May Kiss the Duke

321 printed pages
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Sabine Noble has given little thought to her husband over the past five years. Theirs is a true marriage of convenience: she gained protection from her abusive uncle and the chance to live freely in London, while he gained the dowry necessary to make his business venture a success. But as she’s investigating her uncle’s nefarious deeds in hopes of gaining her revenge, she discovers the body of a half-dead man on a ship, only to realize the man is her husband.
When Captain Jon Stoker awakens in a strange house, he’s astonished to realize that he’s being cared for by his estranged wife. Although she’s not much of a nursemaid, he finds his long-held attraction for his beautiful wife deepening as he discovers her powerful spirit and fierce drive.
As Stoker regains his strength, he begins to help Sabine on her quest to bring her uncle to justice. And along the way, two lonely people discover that their marriage of convenience has become a union of souls.
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Cris Lo
Cris Loshared an impression4 months ago
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🙈Lost On Me
💞Loved Up

Historic Romances, never disappoint.
Ahh... How I crave for these books to loose myself from this fast-paced world of the Internet and smile along, while reading about kisses.💕
This is my first book, of The Brides of Belgravia, series. Will soon, read the remaining two. 😍

Hilwa Mohamed
Hilwa Mohamedshared an impressionlast month
👍Worth reading

Hanashared an impression4 months ago
👍Worth reading

Cris Lo
Cris Lohas quoted4 months ago
It was helpful that the marriage described by Sabine was meant to be completely detached, with oceans between their lives, and wholesale unaccountability.
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