Morpheus Anderson

Fiction of the Gods: Time Before the Sun

In this alternative non-fiction title, indi author Morpheus Anderson is directed by his employer to introduce a new company idea: that we humans of Earth might have ancestry blood of extra solar origins! The author is outright implying that our early ancestors were not only extraterrestrials, but also that they came from ‘an early solar system.’ Meaning that our solar system used to have a star other than the sun. Mr. Anderson proposes that there is ‘a Star-Wars-like Force,’ and a ‘Galactic Empire,’ in our very galaxy — not in one ‘far, far away!

The idea is to solve the problem of the origin of the Sumerians, the Igigi, the Watchers, and the Anunnaki. No one knows where the Sumerians came from. Mr. Anderson and his company, the Manunnaki Order of Heaven, are proposing that the ancient Anunnaki gods transported the Sumerians to Earth from their planet of origin, ‘moon Heaven!’ The Holy Bible might have the clues you need to ascertain the author’s super fantastic claims. “And God created the heavens and the earth.” So, we do have planet Earth. Is there a ‘planet Heaven’ out there? Well then, will this book turn out to be fiction, or true? Only one way to find out: buy your copy of Fiction of the Gods today!
82 printed pages
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