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"No religion! How do you impart moral education?"
Such ignorance, however, is amply excusable, as the third edition of the good Doctor’s work appeared the same year that Commodore Perry was knocking at the portals of our exclusivism. More than a decade later, about the time that our feudalism was in the last throes of existence, Karl Marx, writing his Capital, called the attention of his readers to the peculiar advantage of studying the social and political institutions of feudalism, as then to be seen in living
Bushido, then, is the code of moral principles which the knights were required or instructed to observe.
Kampsport, Kristoffer Hoberg Madsen
Kristoffer Hoberg Madsen
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Japan history, maria lanny
maria lanny
Japan history
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Min liste
, Benjamin Buhr Sørensen
Benjamin Buhr Sørensen
Min liste
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Japan, Kristoffer Hoberg Madsen
Kristoffer Hoberg Madsen
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