Francesca Romana Onofri,ouml,Teresa L.Picarazzi,Karen Antje M,ller

Italian For Dummies

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The fun and easy way to take your Italian language skills to the next level The tips, techniques, and information presented here give students, travelers, and businesspeople a primer on how to speak Italian. Complete with updates, a bonus CD, and the traditional For Dummies user-friendly format, this new edition of Italian For Dummies gives you reliable lessons, practice, and language learning techniques for speaking Italian with ease and confidence.
Featuring a revamped, user-friendly organization that builds on your knowledge and ability, Italian For Dummies offers expanded coverage of the necessary grammar, major verb tenses, and conjugations that beginners need to know. Plus, you'll get a fully updated and expanded audio CD that includes real-life conversations; a refreshed and expanded mini-dictionary; more useful exercises and practice opportunities; and more.
Builds on your skills and ability as you learn Covers the grammar, verb tenses, and conjugations you need to know Includes a mini-dictionary Audio CD includes real-life conversations If you're looking to reach a comfort level in conversational Italian, Italian For Dummies gets you comfortably speaking this Romantic language like a native.
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    Erhan İpekçilerhas quoted6 months ago
    Non fa niente. (nohn fah nee-ehn-teh) (Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter.) You say “ Non fa niente” when someone apologizes to you for something.

    Non c’è di che. (nohn cheh dee keh) (You’re welcome.)
    Erhan İpekçilerhas quoted6 months ago
    E chi se ne importa? (eh kee seh neh eem-pohr-tah) (Who cares?)

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