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P. G. Wodehouse

Jill the Reckless

Jill had money, Jill was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. Suddenly Jill becomes penniless, and she is no longer engaged. With a smile, in which there is just a tinge of recklessness, she refuses to be beaten and turns to face the world. Instead she went to New York and became a member of the chorus of “The Rose of America,” and Mr. Wodehouse is enabled to lift the curtain of the musical comedy world.
404 printed pages
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  • Crystal Alexanderhas quoted5 years ago
    Marriage isn't a motion-picture close-up with slow fade-out on the embrace. It's a partnership, and what's the good of a partnership if your heart's not in it
  • Crystal Alexanderhas quoted5 years ago
    Why not let your spine stay where it is instead of having it kicked up through your hat?
  • Crystal Alexanderhas quoted5 years ago
    I would beard him in his lair, if he had a beard. Well, I'll clean-shave him in his lair

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