The Forbes Model For Journalism in the Digital Age, Lewis Dvorkin
Lewis Dvorkin

The Forbes Model For Journalism in the Digital Age

65 printed pages
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Since its founding in 1917, Forbes has been providing insights, information, and inspiration to ensure the success of those who are dedicated to the spirit of free enterprise.

Its flagship publications, Forbes and Forbes Asia, reach a worldwide audience of more than six million readers and its website,—the leading business site on the Web—attracts an audience that averages 30 million people per month. Forbes also publishes ForbesLife magazine and licensed editions in more than 25 countries around the world.

Lewis DVorkin has always appreciated the importance of clarity, particularly in his professional life and in the media he consumes. When he first came to Forbes in the mid-1990s, he completely understood the brand and its voice. Then he left for AOL as the millennium turned. It was obvious the news cycle was getting faster and digital media was the place to be. After that, he founded a startup, True/Slant. He had a clear idea – well, he hoped he did – for a new way to produce news.

Two years ago, he sold that company to Forbes, one of his investors. In re-joining a trusted brand and people he trusts as the chief product officer, he saw a direct path for the True/Slant team to take its ideas to a bigger stage. It’s worked out great. Why? Lots of reasons, especially this one: the clarity and strength of the Forbes mission.

Journalism at Forbes is rooted in the conviction that success results from free enterprise, the entrepreneurial spirit, smart investing – and living a life beyond the mere accumulation of dollars. Forbes is about aspiration. That message has given tremendous focus to the task of dramatically re-imagining our products and culture in the era of digital publishing and social media.
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Introduction: Disrupting the Media Model for News and Information
At Forbes, it’s the core of our digital self-publishing platform: each staffer and contributor is responsible for getting their journalism right.
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