Women Who Kill, Carol Anne Davis
Carol Anne Davis

Women Who Kill

337 printed pages
Why does a young woman lure teenagers into her car and participate in their horrific rape and torture? What makes a nurse lethally inject the healthy babies in her care? Women, statistically, are not a violent breed…but the female of the species can be just as deadly as the male. Carol Anne Davis explores the dark world of the female serial killer. From the mass poisoner to the sexual sadist, from profit killings to crimes committed just for twisted thrills, Carol Anne Davis sets out to explore the dark and disturbing world of the female serial killer. In-depth analysis of individual cases, including new information from the minister who heard Myra Hindley's confession, provides an invaluable insight into the psychology behind these atrocities.
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Fani H
Fani Hshared an impressionlast year

Didn't finished. Too much gore details but lack of psychological information that I've been hoping to find when I chose this book. I'm dissapointed.

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