Cecile Ravell

Child Magical – a memoir

«Cecile Ravell's story is a memoir of a childhood in transit, from Brooklyn, New York, to Malta, then Melbourne, Australia.

In a series of poignant and funny cameos seen through the eyes of a little girl, Ravell brings to life an intimate immigrant tale. The story follows this feisty child from moments of triumph to moments of indignation, as she becomes aware of her position as an outsider in a society that values fair-haired children, and as a girl who plays second fiddle to a family culture that reveres boys.

Child Magical provides valuable insights into the reality of what it felt like for a girl growing up in Australia in the 1960s.

Savoured in your favourite armchair, or read quickly on public transport, either way, Ravell's story is a good read — piquant and thought-provoking.»

Magz Morgan, author, Motherlands.
77 printed pages
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    A look into a bygone era, through the eyes of an immigrant child. Cecile Ravell recounts her early years from her fifth birthday on the KLM flight to Melbourne, to her final year at primary school.
    Growing up in the 1960s had it's challenges, but Cecile turns these into humourous vignettes.
    Easy to read, the story captures the essence of a child's interpretation of life.
    Touching, amusing and uplifting, this memoir is a must-read for children from age 10 and for adults who want to connect with their "child magical".

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