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Pagan Portals – Moon Magic

Moon Magic is an introduction to working with the phases of the Moon, what they are and how to live in harmony with the lunar year and to utilize all the magical powers it provides. It's filled with the basics of the lunar cycle, the representations and correspondences of each phase, what magic to work and when and also includes a look at the lunar year, moon deities, moon spells, meditations, specific moon rituals, moon names, tree moons and moon recipes.
92 printed pages
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    Marcela Ferriñohas quotedlast year
    The usual way of considering the lunar cycle is to divide it into four – New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon – or eight with the addition of the Waning Crescent (or Balsamic), the Waning Gibbous (or Disseminating), Waxing Gibbous and Waxing Crescent Moons.
    Marcela Ferriñohas quotedlast year
    As there are 365 days in the year, most years have 13 New Moons or 13 Full Moons, but never both.
    Marcela Ferriñohas quotedlast year
    The passage of the Moon from New Moon to New Moon takes 29½ days. This phase cycle is called the synodic month

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