Justine Elyot,Alcamia Payne,K.D. Grace,Morgan Honeyman,Tabitha Rayne,Sommer Marsden,Maggie Morton,Eva Hore,Angela Propps,Alex Severn,Brandon Burnham,Carmel Lockyer,Chris Ross,Jeremy Smith,Penelope Friday,Ruth Marie De La Flambeau

Kinky Girls

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“This is a book that will keep you hot and bothered as you read about many different hedonistic experiences from bondage, spanking, voyeurism, orgies, lesbian encounters, sharing partners, and more” - Coffee Time Romance & More

Kinky girls come in many shapes and sizes, but all share some common qualities. They live for pleasure – both to give it and receive it – and they’re definitely not afraid to push the sexual boundaries to realise their goal. Whether it’s bondage, role play, toys or al fresco loving, nothing comes between a girl and her kink – unless she wants it to, of course!

A Member Of The Profession by Angel Propps
A beautiful, bored trophy wife offers a desperate young woman the chance to make some much needed money in an unexpected but thrilling way. She agrees and after being tied to her buyer's bed she finds herself getting far more from the bargain than she dreamed of.
Arjun’s Wedding by Carmel Lockyer
Melinda's got to attend a wedding, her ex's best friends wedding. That would be bad enough, but add in that it's an Indian wedding, her ex will be there with his new lady, and Melinda doesn't have a dress to wear. There's only one thing for it – find a new man, test drive the biggest dildo in Birmingham and develop a totally new take on the uncle of the bridegroom.
The Clearing by Chris Ross
Lucy likes nothing better than a spot of sunbathing and the chance to top up her all over tan. There is no one but her in the forest clearing so she strips off completely and indulges in a little girl fun while she is alone. Then she realises someone is watching her and she invites him to join her.
Libertines by Cyanne
Paris, at the turn of the century, Art Nouveau – a time of change. The artist tells her he has lots of money. He asks her to be his muse. She was such a simple country girl, but now she is drawn into a dark underworld of absinthe-induced sex and art and finds herself posing naked and allowing men to touch her for the artist’s pleasure. Will she ever escape from this debauched underworld and does she really want to?
One Night Only by Alex Severn
Danny didn’t fancy Eva when he first started working with her. There were better looking women at the office, and ones easier to get along with. Eva was an ice queen. At least that’s what he thought until the night she invited him back to her flat for a One Night Only offer. By the end of the evening he has discovered that Eva does not like to be disobeyed. But that’s OK because by then he is ready to do absolutely anything for her.

You’re My Toy by Sommer Marsden
When Aaron buys Janie a sexy Christmas present she has no idea of the fun they’ll have with it, both in and out of the house. In fact they have so much fun, Janie begins to wonder just exactly who the present is for: her, Aaron or possibly even the waiter at a very posh restaurant they visit.
The Devil’s Harlot by Morgan Honeyman
Sophie advertises for a man to fulfil her fantasies. He has to be 20 years younger and prepared to dress-up. Jack turns out to be perfect in every way and they spend an exciting lust-filled few hours together. Trouble is, Sophie doesn’t want her fantasy to end – yet reality was never part of the deal. But turns out Jack has a few fantasies of his own that need fulfilling.
Hugs, Kisses, Dominatrices by Tara S Nichols
His new housemate is a Goth who gets up to all kinds of noisy and (he is sure) perverse, activities in her room. If only he had the courage to tell her to go, but he has fallen in love with her. One day he sneaks into her room when she is at work and inadvertently breaks one of her vibrators – even he can see this is no ordinary vibrator and he’s pondering about how to fix it when she returns and demands he take its place.
A Bonding Experience by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Karla and Eric know Ryo, but not his girlfriend, Jessie. When they go for a night of rope bondage to Ryo’s, who’s a bit of a master in the art of rope work, they don’t know what to expect. But soon the girls are tied together, face to face, and it proves to be a bonding experience for all of them.
Like Ribbons by L A Fields
Missy doesn’t usually proposition prostitutes, but life on the road with her band gets lonely and when she spots a stunning-looking young man in Phoenix she can’t resist inviting him back home for some light entertainment. Wade tells her he isn’t usually into girls – and Missy is pleased to be his first. But when her band mates return, she realises Wade has history with the lead guitarist, Darian, and the two have a lot of catching up to do.

Spankilicious by Alcamia Payne
Colette, a beautiful redhead, feels jaded. The fire of her sexuality is dampened and nothing feels kinky enough to relight her fuse. Until she meets Jouet, creator of a whip made with the hair of his last spanking conquest. But Jouet doesn’t agree to just spank anybody. Convinced Jouet can re-ignite her ebbing passions, Colette plays a cat and mouse game with the bearded dom. But who will emerge as master in their kinky power play?
Just Watch Me by Justine Elyot
Shy Sharleen didn’t know she had an exhibitionist streak until James coaxed it out of her. It wasn’t long before making love in front of James’ flat mate turned into a full scale performance on Webcam for thousands of selected viewers. Shy Sharleen morphs into sex-goddess, Starleen, with her very own online live sex show. 
Jillaroo for a week by Eva Hore
Melissa and Sheila can’t believe their luck when they see a holiday job, Jillaroo for a week advertised in the Australian Outback. There doesn’t seem to be much to do on the ranch and they’re getting paid $1000 a week to boot. But all is not as it seems, they realise, when they come across some very kinky goings on. Good friends and occasional lovers, they aren’t averse to a bit of kink themselves, but there are some things that even this kinky couple find taboo.
Illuminations by Ruth Marie De La Flambeau
Maggie and Robert had to wait weeks to get a reservation. But this is no ordinary establishment. They are given far more than drinks by their host, not to mention dozens of other unseen hands. In the almost pitch darkness of the pleasure chamber only touch, taste and scent matter.
All About The Sex by Penelope Friday
Xavier and Carla have an arrangement that suits both of them. It’s sex only, nothing else is important. Yet in this role-playing game of domination and submission, which of them is really in charge? Is it love or hate? Perhaps there isn’t as much difference as they think.

The Strap-On by Maggie Morton
From the moment he sees the strap-on in his girlfriend’s bedroom drawer, Percy is obsessed with the sex-toy. It fills his every fantasy. Then one day it disappears and he is heartbroken. But it turns out she is taking him on a trip and there is more than one delicious surprise along the way.
Confessions by K D Grace
Confession is good for the soul, but Hail Marys and Our Fathers aren’t nearly enough to gain absolution when Jilly confesses to an unsuspecting priest that confession makes her come. 
Doctor’s Orders by Brandon Burnham
Harley’s at a posh party in downtown Miami. He’s having a great time, but he does have a small problem. Both his hands are bandaged after an injury, he needs to visit the Gents, and the woman friend he came with has disappeared. Gorgeous Marie offers to help. She tells him she’s a doctor and used to performing intimate services, but things get rather more intimate than either of them originally planned.
Retail Seduction by Tabitha Rayne
Selena is out shopping when she is overcome by the urge to have an orgasm and she escapes into a changing room with a black silk scarf. Later, at home, she tells her husband, Jim, that she stole the scarf and he ties her up with it and spanks her soundly. But Selena, it seems, enjoys her punishment far too much. 
Have Your Cake and Eat it by Jeremy Smith
Julie is a caterer and one of the things that annoys her is the amount of food that gets wasted. On this particular afternoon she is anxious to get home with boyfriend, Leigh, so they can catch up on their love-life – they haven’t seen each other for a while. While he’s helping her dispose of a mountain of jelly, custard and chocolate gateaux, they discovers a much more exciting use for it. Maybe they can combine clearing-up with love-making. Parties will never be quite the same again.
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