George Smith

The Chaldean oracles of the Genesis

The Chaldean Account Of Genesis presents the turning point in revealing the history of our civilization. As the missing piece of the puzzle and the proof we needed, this is one of the most important archeological discoveries emerged from the ashes of Nineveh Library. Among many others — the crucial accounts are: the first print appearance of the Gilgamesh, the Descent of Ishtar and the account of the Flood. Contents: The Discovery of the Genesis Legends Babylonian and Assyrian Literature Chaldean Legends Transmitted Through Berosus and Other Ancient Authors Babylonian Mythology Babylonian Legend of the Creation Other Babylonian Accounts of the Creation The Sin of the God Zu The Exploits of Lubara Babylonian Fables Fragments of Miscellaneous Texts The Izdubar Legends Meeting of Heabani and Izdubar Destruction of the Tyrant Humbaba The Adventures of Ishtar Illness and Wanderings of Izdubar The Story of the Flood and Conclusion
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