William Campion

Reiki: Energy Healing Guide to Learning Reiki Symbols and Acquiring Tips for Reiki Meditation (Learn Reiki Healing and Improve Health and Reduce Stress)

While I do believe that it is very important to be balanced within oneself when practicing Reiki, I also believe it is important to set up a barrier so that if any negative energy were trying to come your way you would be safe from any harm.

This book will teach you how to

-Learn to control your stress and reduce your anxiety

-Get relief from physical pain

-Find out how to improve your sleep and energy

-Achieve clarity of mind and improve your awareness

-Reduce heart disease and cancer risks

-Overcome depression and discover your path to happiness

What we often do is take some over the counter medication or complain about whatever discomfort we are going through to others hoping that we will feel better, but unfortunately, we just don't feel the balance that we expect to feel. As we all know, if we don't feel okay, we cannot be happy or whole.
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