Anne Hooper,Phillip Hodson

How to Make Great Love to a Man

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As agony aunts and long-term partners, Anne Hooper and Phillip Hodson are more than aware that men and women see sex differently. In 'How to Make Love to a Man' they discuss the fundamental differences in men and women's expectations of sex, and how these differences can be reconciled to both partner's satisfaction. Beautifully designed and illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings, this unique book helps men understand women and women understand themselves.
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    Casady Mcdowellhas quoted2 years ago
    leg where some major nerves can be accessed. These lie along the sides of the legs from just above the ankle to just before the knee, and again from just after the knee to the highly sensitive hollow of the buttocks. Most responsive, of course, are the inner thighs where if your partner is unsure whether they are ready to go all the way, a successful case can usually be made if you stroke the ley lines up to but not beyond the perineal divide. Start two inches up from the inside knee to the scrotum and go no further. They say this is what happens in massage parlours. If you want your man to ask for ‘extras’, make sure your touches fall tantalisingly short of his testes.


    Young men do like ‘quickies’ sometimes. Their sexual focus is very much on the penis rather than foreplay, on the centre not the periphery. For many younger men, sex doesn’t start before penetration – the rest is delay and distraction. So, if you feel like pleasing your man, an occasional ‘tarty’ response will work.

    One persistent male fantasy features a woman seeing a guy across a crowded room and deciding to take him somewhere private and remove all her clothes. Nigel, a photographer, recounts the moment in his life when this happened and says male friends remain jealous to this day: ‘A model arrived by appointment in my office. I still don’t know her name. We shook hands, looked into each other’s eyes while continuing to hold hands. After a pause, a completely meaningful pause I should add, we kissed hard, fell to the floor and had sex under my desk oblivious to the other people in the building and what was happening in the company around us. Then we got back on our feet, sorted out our clothing and I interviewed her for the job ... I don’t think we saw each other more than a couple of times again (she didn’t get the job) but I will always remember the excitement of that encounter’.

    On the other hand, you have to judge your man’s level of interest. Suzie still recalls with a sense of humiliation when telling her fiancé Paul that she had left her underwear off, and was really keen to make love without delay, when he went red and said he thought they should leave it till later. His sexual confidence couldn’t cope with hers!

    As your relationship matures, you will begin to know your partner’s principal ley lines from head to toe. When all these networks have been explored, we personally would plump for the buttocks – about two inches either side of the global points north-south – where a teasing caress can not only cause instant reaction, it will make him sick with longing. The most sensitive parts of the body are sometimes the least visited and let’s face it
    Casady Mcdowellhas quoted2 years ago
    his buttocks mainly get sat upon. Yet their primary nerves are deeply attached to the stomach, the pc (pubococcygeal) muscles controlling the ‘orgasmic platform’ of the prostate as well as his adrenal glands. So, if you’ve ever wanted
    Casady Mcdowellhas quoted2 years ago
    breath from somewhere beneath you as the nerve sends sensation all the way from the neck to the area of skin near the penis (the perineum). Who said you can’t be in three places at the same time? Then repeat again from the midriff.

    Neural pathways connect the whole body to the sex centres of the spine and the brain for one very good reason. The purpose of our species is reproduction and you never know when a passing reproducer is going to put a hand on your knee. Or better still, on the inside or outside

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