A Study In Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle, Александр Левкин
Arthur Conan Doyle,Александр Левкин

A Study In Scarlet

149 printed pages
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«In 1887, a young Arthur Conan Doyle published ‘A Study in Scarlet,’ thus creating an international icon in the quick-witted sleuth Sherlock Holmes. In this, the first Holmes mystery, the detective introduces himself to Dr. John H. Watson with the puzzling line ‘You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.’ And so begins Watson’s, and the world’s, fascination with this enigmatic character.» Doyle presents two equally perplexing mysteries for Holmes to solve—one a murder that takes place in the shadowy outskirts of London, in a locked room where the haunting word Rache is written upon the wall, the other a kidnapping set in the American West. Quickly picking up the «scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life,» Holmes does not fail at finding the truth—and making literary history.
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A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle
A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle
A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle
A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle
A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle

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Raúl Zura
Raúl Zurashared an impressionlast year
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It's such a great story that I recommend it to all



Zãkøù Âdñañë
Zãkøù Âdñañëshared an impressionlast year
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I had neither kith nor kin in England, and was therefore as free as air—or as free as an income of eleven shillings and sixpence a day will permit a man to be.
His studies are very desultory and eccentric, but he has amassed a lot of out-of-the-way knowledge which would astonish his professors.”
Do you remember what Darwin says about music? He claims that the power of producing and appreciating it existed among the human race long before the power of speech was arrived at. Perhaps that is why we are so subtly influenced by it. There are vague memories in our souls of those misty centuries when the world was in its childhood.”
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