Female Domination Short Stories, Mistress Scarlet
Mistress Scarlet

Female Domination Short Stories

Stories imagined, when I think about other lives I may have led; born of different times, circumstances or creed.
# Hilary is moved out to avoid Hitler’s bombing. His destination is a house of five females. They had expected to receive a girl, not a boy.
# Gloria and Elles are both employed in the entrepreneur’s hi-tech business. Unless he is taken under some control, their own blissful future could be in jeopardy.
# Mistress decides to experiment with a female submissive to augment her life with her boy-toy.
# Jearl is of Caribbean ancestry. Her husband will be away with his new job. Jearl’s use and abuse is boundless with her new gift.
# A governess arrives to take care of Edwin. She does not believe in sparing the rod, or in young masters possessing arrogant male pride.
# Beautiful Jessica settles into university life but she has always been spoilt and cannot bring herself to partake in the chore rota. An unwitting solution presents himself.
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