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Diplomatic Immunity, Part One

Being allowed to attend school in North America is a dream come true for the 18 year old Delilah, a Middle-Eastern beauty, who would have otherwise been consigned to a life in a household run by her authoritarian father. As a coed at an exclusive East Coast women's college, she benefits from the good education and her newfound freedom, out from under her father's strict rule. She especially delights in dressing in Western clothes and showing off her well-developed body. Thus, it's not long before Delilah sheds her virginity, and dives into the verboten territory of sexual exploration. But when her stern religious father discovers her adventurous experimentation, he's shocked and angered, vowing to take extremely harsh action to curb his daughter's scandalous behavior. While naked and half-drunk in the back of a friend's van, Delilah is suddenly frozen in panic, when bright lights spear through the van's windows and illuminate her writhing body. Abruptly abducted, bound and forced into the traditional chador, she's once again under her father's control. With the assistance of a willing doctor, Delilah is soon fitted with extreme and permanent body jewelry, then returned to her home – although it's NOT the loving one she departed from months before. She has dishonored her family with her promiscuous behavior, and now must pay for her 'crimes' in the decadent West. Condemned by her father to a chilling fate, Delilah becomes a secret prisoner.
292 printed pages
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