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WordPress 4.x Complete

With WordPress, anyone can build an optimized website with the least amount of effort possible and then make it available to the world in no time.This book will serve as a practical guide for everyone who intends to become an online publisher, website owner, or even a website developer. Beginning with the basic features of WordPress, the book lays a solid foundation to deal with advanced and complex features. It then moves on to helping you choose and install various themes.Gradually, with increasing complexity, the book goes into the development of your own themes, acting as a beginner's guide to theme and plugin development.Concluding the learning curve with miscellaneous tasks such as community blogging and administrating the established site, this book empowers you with the ability to maintain your site.
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    When considering a theme, make sure to find answers to the following questions:
    Are the sidebars flexible? Can I choose how many sidebars I want to display?
    Is it widget-ready?
    Does it support custom menus?
    Is it complex or simple? Which do I prefer?
    How flexible is the content and layout? Can I choose the column count and widths?
    Does it support the Customizer feature? Or does it offer a Theme Settings page where I can customize layout, category display, home page, and other options
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    To add an image to a post, first you'll need to have that image on your computer, or know the exact URL pointing to the image if it's already online. Before you get ready to upload an image, make sure that your image is optimized for the web; for instance, you can use a service like Kraken (

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