Jay LaCroix

Mastering Linux Network Administration

Master the skills and techniques that are required to design, deploy, and administer real Linux-based networks
About This BookMaster the art of using Linux and administering network services for enterprise environmentsPerform hands-on activities to reinforce expert-level knowledgeGet full coverage of both the CentOS and Debian systems, including how networking concepts differ for eachWho This Book Is ForMastering Linux Network Administration is recommended for those who already understand the basics of using Linux and networking, and would like to push those skills to a higher level through real-world Linux networking scenarios. Whether you intend to run a home office consisting of Linux nodes or a rollout of a Linux network within your organization, this book is a great fit for those that desire to learn how to manage networked systems with the power of Linux.
What You Will LearnInstall and configure the Debian and CentOS systemsSet up and configure file serversAdminister networked nodes remotelyDiscover how to monitor system performance for peak healthConfigure network services such as DNS and DHCPHost HTTP content via ApacheTroubleshoot Linux networking issuesIn DetailLinux is everywhere. Whether you run a home office, a small business, or manage enterprise systems, Linux can empower your network to perform at its very best. Armed with the advanced tools and best practice guidance of this practical guide, you'll be able to mold Linux networks to your will, empowering your systems and their users to take advantage of all that Linux-based networks have to offer.
Understand how Linux networks function and get to grips with essential tips and tricks to manage them — whether you're already managing a networks, or even just starting out. With Debian and CentOS as its source, this book will divulge all the details you need to manage a real Linux-based network. With detailed activities and instructions based on real-world scenarios, this book will be your guide to the exciting world of Linux networking.
Style and approachThis practical guide will walk you through all the core concepts required to manage real Linux-based networks.
363 printed pages
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