Ida J

On the Prowl (for #3)

The prowl is a matter of instinct. While scoping out potential hookups at a Pornceptual Party in Amsterdam centre, Ida J. and her handsome partner Jared catch sights of Viktoria, a sexy vixen in black fetish wear. They know they must make their move on this techno Amy Winehouse as soon as possible.

They exchange a few words and dance together. Their bodies close and sweaty; their movements intensely erotic, arousing the desire to take the girl to bed. This is only their first meeting, and Viktoria evades sleeping with two strangers.

On New Year's Eve, Ida J. and Jared meet Viktoria at another sex party. The club is a place of discovery and in the basement, the three find themselves in a discreet darkroom — Viktoria at the center of their affections.

After an intense hookup, Ida J. desires more, but must wait for several months before Jared and her come across Viktoria at a private club. After some intense heavy petting, Jared gets the nerve to ask the girl home.
The three find themselves in bed, removing all their club clothes and Ida J. straps on a sexy accessory. The dynamic is just so right.
22 printed pages
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