Ida J

Trash Porn

After breaking-up with her semi-serious girlfriend, Ida J. meets up with her handsome boyfriend Damian. Together
they decide the only way to get over the break-up of their sexy threesome is the dingy swingers club up the road.
The night starts off with much scepticism in the midst of the grungy and unkempt bar, and just as the two friends
are about to leave, a sexy couple in their forties, Lars and Janneke, enter. They are the spitting image of a Berlinstyle
Ken and Barbie, tattoos, piercings and spray tan galore. Their delicious boytoy, Chris, trails behind, but he is
at the centre of their affections
The five immediately hit it off. After a few rounds of cheap whiskey, they venture to the mysterious darkrooms in the bar's basement. Hand sanitiser abound, the group has more than a little fun as clothes fly off and blood
pumps, but soon the group finds themselves at Ida J.'s apartment and continue until the sun rises.
Ida J. and Damian aren't quite ready for sleep. They continue into the afternoon with the production of a
homemade porno. And in the end, Ida J. could care less about that stupid little break-up.
22 printed pages
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