Jonathan Franzen

The Corrections

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From the author of ‘Freedom’, a richly realistic and darkly hilarious masterpiece about a family breakdown in an age of easy fixes.
After fifty years as a wife and mother, Enid Lambert is ready to have some fun. Unfortunately her husband, Alfred, is losing his sanity, and their children have long since fled for the catastrophes of their own lives. As Alfred’s condition worsens and the Lamberts are forced to face their secrets and failures, Enid sets her heart on one last family Christmas.
Bringing the old world of civic virtue and sexual inhibition into violent collision with the era of hands-off parenting, do-it-yourself mental healthcare and globalised greed, ‘The Corrections’ confirms Jonathan Franzen as one of the most brilliant interpreters of the American soul.
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    Обожаю Фрейзена. Роман в стиле Свобода, многие моменты пересекаются с моментами моей собственной семьи, что удивительно, учитывая, что речь о 50—80 годах и разных культурах. Отличное описание психологических типажей, характеров, ситуаций. Читается легко и интересно.

    gal3011shared an impressionlast year
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    Irina Papinashared an impression2 years ago
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    Алексей Мельниковhas quoted21 days ago
    Депрессия? Нет у него никакой депрессии
    Darya Bukhtoyarovahas quoted4 years ago
    He’d never seen Melissa really angry. “I love myself,” she said. “What’s wrong with that?”
    He was unable to say what was wrong with it. He was unable to say what was wrong with anything about Melissa—her self-adoring parents, her theatricality and confidence, her infatuation with capitalism, her lack of good friends her own age. The feeling he’d had on the last day of Consuming Narratives, the feeling that he was mistaken about everything, that there was nothing wrong with the world and nothing wrong with being happy in it, that the problem was his and his alone, returned with such force that he had to sit down on the bed.
    Darya Bukhtoyarovahas quoted4 years ago
    I’m saying the structure of the entire culture is flawed,” Chip said. “I’m saying the bureaucracy has arrogated the right to define certain states of mind as ‘diseased.’ A lack of desire to spend money becomes a symptom of disease that requires expensive medication. Which medication then destroys the libido, in other words destroys the appetite for the one pleasure in life that’s free, which means the person has to spend even more money on compensatory pleasures. The very definition of mental ‘health’ is the ability to participate in the consumer economy. When you buy into therapy, you’re buying into buying. And I’m saying that I personally am losing the battle with a commercialized, medicalized, totalitarian modernity right this instant.”

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