The Reluctant Viking, Sandra Hill
Sandra Hill

The Reluctant Viking

466 printed pages
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The hypnotic voice on the self-motivation tape was supposed to help Ruby Jordan solve her problems, not create new ones. Instead, she was lulled from a failing marriage to an era of hard-bodied warriors and fair maidens.
But the world ten centuries in the past didn’t prove to be all mead and mirth. Ruby had to deal with a Norseman who had her husband’s face, habits, and desire to avoid Ruby. Determined not to lose the same man twice, Ruby planned a bold seduction that would conquer the reluctant Viking—and make him an eager captive of her love.
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Carina Rita Hansen
Carina Rita Hansenshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading
🔮Hidden Depths
💡Learnt A Lot
💞Loved Up
🌴Beach Bag Book

This is Must read series if you love vikings and real men and strong women., can’t wait to begin the next book in the series

policy of avoiding his sons in public or in front of strangers, like Ruby. He could not let his enemies know these were the fruit of his loins. Holy Freya! His brother Eric would kill the boys in a trice to protect his accession. Or if he thought he could hurt Thork in the process.
It was Ruby’s fault. She had woven her magnetic siren’s web about him, and for some inexplicable reason he had felt compelled to return to Olaf’s house. He made eye contact with the mysterious wench and felt an intense rush of warmth surge through him. He inhaled sharply
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