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Barbara Cartland

The Trail To love

The beautiful Elissa Valentine has no idea what lies in store for her after the death of her beloved Papa, who was a talented artist. She travels to Yorkshire to start a new life at Fellbrook Towers as a companion to her fearsome grandmother, Lady Hartwell. She soon discovers that the luxurious lifestyle at The Towers is under threat from the wild gambling of her handsome and impetuous cousin,
When Elissa saves the day by predicting the winning horse in a big race, Falcon showers her with gifts and proposes marriage. But she cannot accept his offer as the struggling artist Richard Stanfield
has stolen her heart and she cannot forget him. Will Richard's love for Elissa survive Lady Hartwell's attempts to deter him and the violent threats of her cousin? And will Elissa stand firm in her love for Richard, even when she finds him in the arms of the glamorous Latin American beauty, Mercedes de Rosario? Find out all in this the dazzling and intriguing romance by BARBARA CARTLAND.
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  • fatimahj07shared an impression4 years ago

    She listened to the four horses’ hooves slipping and scraping as they pulled the carriage up the steep road, and every now and then Oldroyd shouted at them and clicked his tongue to hurry them along. - it's bloody abusive and inhumane re: treatment of horses.

    That was one of the times after a painting had been sold, when there was a bit more prosperity in the Valentine household. There was money to pay for logs and coal and to buy a joint of meat for dinner on Sundays. - glad "meat" is no longer an ill-advised requirement for good health and welfare!

    Elissa’s mother was very beautiful with thick dark hair and lovely brown eyes that glowed like dark sherry - unusual in that the beauty has brown eyes instead of typical blue...

    “Yes!” he shouted, as the champagne flowed from the bottle. “A toast to Black Prince – the most calamitous beast that ever stepped onto a Racecourse. Fell at the first fence, broke its neck and darned near broke the bank as well!” - NOT an "it". Horses are sentient, animals are sentient, like children.

    He picked up Elissa’s gloves and held them to his cheek, saying, “Come, let me escort you to your room.” - this guy is a lunatic...

    "Waitin’ for ’is Lordship. He often likes to take a drive down to the East End late at night and make a wager on a cock-fight – or a rat-baitin’.” - despicable animal abuse.

  • Jayshree Gujarshared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up


  • Farida Yasserhas quoted5 years ago
    She would almost rather have walked back on her own, picturing his smile and recalling his vibrant voice, than have him still at her side, so warm and bold and eager, making her feel almost giddy with his presence.
  • Farida Yasserhas quoted5 years ago
    time of great happiness is coming to you. However long the road may be, you must always remember I have told you this.”
  • stephensonanniehas quoted8 years ago
    Everything dies, decays and is forgotten, except for love which lasts for ever, even into Eternity.”
    Barbara Cartland

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