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Photographic Memory Learn Anything Faster Advanced Techniques, Improve Your Memory, Remember More, And Increase Productivity

Accelerated Learning Series Book : Photographic Memory

Still trying to remember the “to do list” or perhaps an important upcoming family function?
How come some people have such a tough time remembering the simplest things, while others have such strong mental clarity?
In Photographic Memory, we cover concepts, theories and the fundamental keys to expanding your retention capacity. You will learn to leverage the power of unlimited memory!
Standard practices and procedures encompass archaic approaches such as repetition or reinforcement, although effective to a certain degree, understanding the many facets to memory is more efficient and key to long term success.

Includes memory exercise activities!

What You'll Learn

A simplified guide on how memory works, stores and retains itself

Differences between eidetic memory and photographic memory

Debunking misconceptions

Relevance of “creativity” and how it can enhance memory power

Visualization strategies

Short term and long term memory

Unique approaches

Mind mapping & Visualization

And, much, much more!

You will discover the most effective ways in increasing your memory capacity. This book contains 5 fun activities which include pictures that are specifically designed to help YOU train your memory! Learning and having fun at the same time, it doesn't get any better than that.
This book can be used by ANYONE whether you're a student, lawyer, accountant or simply someone who wants to improve memory retention.
What are you waiting for? Unleash the power of unlimited memory!
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