Jennifer Becker

Seeking Fiona

Fiona Ortiz has recently returned from the Congo hoping for a fresh start. But a past she thought she left behind just caught up with her. Not knowing what else to do, Fiona is on the run again. This time to Texas to her brother’s house, but he’s not home. Instead she finds his larger than life and always with an easy grin teammate, Vincent. The man she has been secretly in love with for years.

When Vincent “Romeo” Green was asked to check on Hector's house, the last thing he expected to find was Hector’s youngest sister, Fiona. His every instinct tells him to send her away but she’s in danger.

A kiss has haunted him for years making him yearn for more, but she’s his best friend’s sister and totally hands off. Easier said than done. With every step closer to finding Fiona’s stalker the two grow closer, but her stalker isn’t willing to give her up without a fight.
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