Joan Frantschuk

Between “The End” and the Upload

What does a publisher do in order to release a book, and how do I do that for myself?

You've written a book. You've heard about writers publishing their own books and you want to know more. Or you're already self-published and you're still confused about the process.

This book provides lessons, assignments, and worksheets to guide you through the six steps between typing “The End” and uploading your book to a vendor's website.
Polish: Find the right editor for you. Learn four copyediting methods that you can do on your computer.Prepare: Cover designers, formatters, narrators, there's lots of ways to spend your money. Why, who, when, how much to pay? Where do you find them?Protect: Do you need to register a copyright? What are ISBNs? Who owns what piece of your book? Is piracy preventable?Price: Pick a number, any number? Ebook and print book pricing models are explained.Print: Trimming, binding, bleeding… the jargon explained.Publish: How many ways can you sell a book? Go wide or exclusive? To print or not to print?
88 printed pages
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