The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

72 printed pages
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Julius Caesar is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1599. It portrays the conspiracy against the Roman dictator of the same name, his assassination and its aftermath. It is one of several Roman plays that he wrote, based on true events from Roman history, which also include Coriolanus and Antony and Cleopatra.
Although the title of the play is Julius Caesar, Caesar is not the central character in its action; he appears in only three scenes, and is killed at the beginning of the third act. The protagonist of the play is Marcus Brutus, and the central psychological drama is his struggle between the conflicting demands of honour, patriotism, and friendship.
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kaykaynialler93shared an impression2 years ago
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I love Shakespeare but I just couldn't get into this one.

Nour Aydin
Nour Aydinshared an impression3 months ago
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Chetan Narang
Chetan Narangshared an impression2 years ago
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Linda Donald
Linda Donaldhas quoted9 months ago
Of your profession? Speak
The mess
The messhas quoted2 years ago
There are no tricks in plain and simple faith;
But hollow men, like horses hot at hand,
Make gallant show and promise of their mettle;
But when they should endure the bloody spur,
They fall their crests, and, like deceitful jades,
Sink in the trial. Comes his army on?
Alexandra Skitiova
Alexandra Skitiovahas quoted2 years ago
I shall remember:
When Caesar says 'do this,' it is perform'd.
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