The Russians Are Coming!, Erik Gustafson
Erik Gustafson

The Russians Are Coming!

England 1979.
Britain is in deep recession; strikes and high unemployment grip the country. The ongoing Cold War and IRA bombings cast a dark shadow over everyone’s lives.
‘The Russians Are Coming’ follows the experiences of a disruptive schoolboy and dangerous ex-soldier, Sergeant Major York.
Convincing ‘his lads’ that the Soviet Union will one day invade, the disturbed Sergeant gives ‘special training’ to his chosen Army Cadets. He teaches the boys the skills of guerrilla warfare, forcing them through cruel and degrading exercises.
He wants them ready to kill for their country, or their sergeant.

The story is told as seen through the eyes of a troubled and war obsessed teenager, a boy who thinks violence is the answer to all of life’s problems. But when he’s singled out by the Sergeant Major for special training he finds a purpose to life. But, what starts out as fun, soon takes a deadly turn, and his loyalty is tested to its limits.
351 printed pages
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