Permission to Parent, Robin Berman
Robin Berman

Permission to Parent

221 printed pages
After being bombarded by parenting fad after parenting fad, moms and dads finally have a friendly, commonsense guide to raising thriving children.
Today, many parents have rejected the dictatorships they resented from their own childhoods. But they overcorrected by turning into child-pleasers. Showering praise and letting kids rule the roost has actually eroded the very self-esteem parents are trying to create.
Using her clinical experience, psychiatrist Robin Berman shows parents how they can take charge while building a loving family with deep connections. How children learn love and respect at home becomes the template for how they show love and respect in life. It’s a huge task, but Dr. Berman is your ally every step of the way.
Every parent’s struggles are reflected (many of them comically), but so are heartwarming triumphs.  Parents, teachers and children themselves recount turning points at which they figured out what great parenting looked like and the magic it unlocked.
This engaging book—a perfect mix of medical research and inspirational anecdotes—just might be the key to being the parent you want to be and the parent your children need.
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coselkenhas quoted3 years ago
g. Take comfort in knowing that Authoritative Parenting—defined as listening to your child, encouraging independence, and giving fair and consistent consequences—yields very well-adjusted children. Spoiling a child is easier in the moment than setting limits, but it is your job to help regulate and contain your children’s emotions
Brandolyn Chappell
Brandolyn Chappellhas quoted3 years ago
strong parent-child connection is the most crucial ingredient to self-esteem. How you feel loved as a child has a huge impact on how you see yourself, relate to the world, and give and receive love.
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