The Medical Self Diagnosis Tool, Jessica Caplain
Jessica Caplain

The Medical Self Diagnosis Tool

45 printed pages
“Seemingly Harmless Symptoms We Ignore--That Gets Us Killed!”

A lot of life threatening diseases have early warning symptoms, yet we ignore them, because we simply don't know any better! Countless lives lost, if only we knew even the most basic self-diagnosis techniques.

This is the mission of this book. To provide the non-medically trained individual the tools to aid you in detecting potential problems in your health and the health of your loved ones.

In most cases, its nothing. But what if it's life threatening? Do we wait until its too late?
In contrast, many exagerate and think their healths are threatened, when it's just a simple infection. We don't want that neither.

By no means will this book replace professional, medical help. This book is but a means to help you understand your health, and self-diagnose better. It will also help you work with your physican much more effectively.

In this book you will learn:

• Identifying and Assessing Illnesses
• Understanding your health status
• A Medic Mentality
• Reacting to Medical Problems Sensibly
• Gaining basic skills in self diagnosis
• Looking at health behavior
• The Cells
• The Bones
• Blood circulation
• The Heart
• Filling up on oxygen
• Knowing the Intestine
• The Brain and Nerves
• The Hormones
• Urinary track
• Conducting Symptoms Check
• Ask all the necessary questions
• Establishing the Timing of Your Health Problem
• Onset:
• Circumstances
• Frequency
• Duration
• Progression
• Mapping Out Your Problem
• Identifying and describing your health problem
• Locating the symptoms
• How severe are the symptoms?
• Assessing the impact on your life
• Noting things that make a difference
• Listing other symptoms
• Things that health professionals want to know
• Looking for Clues in Your Medical Background
• Considering past health problems
• Listing current health problems
• Medications
• Over-the-counter medication
• Taking stock of your drugs
• Allergic reactions to medicines
• Taking a Look at Other Issues
• Inheritance of illnesses
• Analyzing the impact of your symptom on your quality of life
• Taking account of alcohol and other drugs
• Smoking
• Increasing health risks through poor diet and lack of exercise
• Looking Out for Signs of Illness
• Spotting Abnormalities:
• Looking for trouble
• Searching for potential trouble in children
• Areas to check:
• Spot the difference: Viral and bacterial infections
• Inspecting yourself
• and much more!

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