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The Ultimate Book for Overcoming Dyslexia – Tools for Kids, Teenagers & Adults

How To Handle And Plan Your Kid's Life To Get A Handle On His Dyslexia Condition
Know The Secrets Of Overcoming Dyslexia With This Book!
You have chosen this book because you are thinking of your child’s well-being. He may be having a hard time keeping up in class, often makes spelling errors and hates to read even the simplest of words. You may have been seeking for some advice on what you can do to help him do better in academics, particularly in reading and writing. You have probably asked yourself, what is wrong with my child? – And though a little hesitant, you have probably considered finally getting an assessment to clear your head from all the worries and the never-ending questions. There’s just so much to take in.
What’s in the Book?
This book provides you with in-depth, relevant information regarding Dyslexia (both for kids, teenagers and adults alike). Instead of being buried with mountain of theories or lose your eagerness with confusing terminologies, we’ll give you only the most straightforward facts about Dyslexia, and nothing else.
The book aims to impart parents with practical ideas on hands-on activities that your child might enjoy doing, along with strategies that may benefit him for a lifetime – as there are actually plenty of tips we can utilize to help your kid stay organized and keep the b’s and d’s facing the correct way.
If you found yourself reading through this intro, you have either started to consider the possibility of Dyslexia or may have already done your homework. Your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) may already be underway, too. Whatever phase you are in at the moment, this book provides you with guidance and assurance; both medical and legal that will help you raise a strong-willed individual.

Here's what you'll learn:

Chapter I:  Dyslexia Defined
Common misconceptions
When to have your child tested
What you can do at home
Facts about dyslexia
Dyslexia as a Specific Learning Disability (SLD)
Knowing the causes
Types of dyslexia
Dyslexia VS ADD and ADHD
Your preschooler and signs of late development
Dyslexia signs in your school-age child
Visible signs in teens and adults
Taking action now Chapter II: Knowing When to Seek Help
Delayed speech
Ear infections
Vision problems
Issues with motor skills
Getting ready for kindergarten
Dyslexia is NOT a behavioural disorder
Monitoring your school-aged child
Starting to feel unhappy and being disorganized
Talking to your child’s teacher
Having your child tested for dyslexia
Never too late
Looking for a Test Administrator
Within your child’s school district
Independent Test Administrators
Test results and the terminologies
Section 504 Independent tutor
Deciding not to test
Chapter III: Exploring Your Options
Traditional public schools
School programs
Help beyond the classroom
Meeting the school staff
Getting to know the resource teacher
The support staff
The principal
Alternative schooling
Magnet schools
Montessori schools
Deciding on a school
Home schooling
Reading textbooks
Looking for workbooks
Extra materials
Individualized Education Program
IEP meeting
IEP document: The fine print
Preparing for the IEP meeting
Acts governing the IEP
Knowing your and your child’s rights
Avoiding the land mines
Chapter IV: Doing Your Part in Your Child’s Treatment
Dealing with rhyming words
Getting used to phonics
Using kindness to manage your child’s difficulties
Multisensory learning
Making homework more enjoyable
Unleashing the happy hormones
Helping your child manage everyday challenges
How to listen to your child
Empowering your child
Responding to your child’s mistakes
Teaching directions
Improving hand-eye coordination during play
Telling time
Remembering a sequence
Maintaining peace and order at home
Chapter V: Dyslexia: Beyond the Childhood Years
Boosting your child’s self-confidence
Facing school-related challenges
Dealing with all the reading and writing
The importance of note-taking
Studying foreign languages
Planning for college and career
Developing work skills
Heading off to college
Entrance exam
Looking for schools and majors
Disability programs
Dealing with applications and interviews
Picking the school
Seeking financial assistance
Dyslexia in adulthood
Building a family

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