May Edginton

Married Life / The True Romance

Marie Amber and Osborn Kerr are so much in love they can't wait for their 18-month engagement to conclude with the marriage they have planned for the next week. They have a perfect dream wedding, and a honeymoon, however, no matter how much in love these two people are, they can't insulate themselves from the realities of marriage.
319 printed pages



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    Оксана Прохватиловаhas quoted4 years ago
    And if a girl can't have pretty things in her trousseau, when can she have them?"
    Fifa Bouhas quoted3 years ago
    How queer women's lives were! They grew up, looking infantilely upon men, and reading about them in fairy tales. One day a pretty girl became engaged to one of them. What congratulations! What importance, delight! What prospects! What planning! What roses! The pretty girl then married one of them, the dearest and best of them, and began to wash dishes. Her heart, which had never been perplexed before, grew very perplexed. Her little purse, which had never been so very hungry before, now hungered for things, simple things, matinées, and sweets and blouses. She stayed all day in a flat, desolately quiet, waiting for one moment when the dearest and best came home.
    How queer women's lives were!
    Ana Kytehas quoted6 years ago
    You could afford to marry, Desmond."
    "What's the standard?"
    "Being able to keep servants," said Osborn harshly. "You marry the girl you love, a pretty girl you're proud to take about, and she can't come out to dine with you; she can't move from home; babies, they cry all night, burn 'em! And she gets ready to hate you. It's hell!"

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