A.B. Darling Little


Lilith is a bright, young freshman with the world ahead of her. She's normally smarter than this. It's just that she needed money really fast and so she had done something spectacularly stupid. A slight reading error and the lack of the word 'Sugar' in front of a certain noun has landed her in hot water.

The thing is, she's already spent the money and now she has to earn it by doing exactly what her contract says. She really should've read the Terms and Conditions properly before clicking the 'Accept' button. Now, she has to wear a diaper and a onesie and let herself be taken care of by a Vampire who insists on 'training' her and an Alpha Werewolf who seems to lose control of his beast when he's around her and seems to take great pleasure in carrying her everywhere.

The worst part is, after her initial mortification of what she had unknowingly signed up for, she actually finds herself liking it.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“Hello,” he says and his voice is surprisingly pleasant, a low rumbling hum that vibrates through her entire body.

She finds herself relaxing a little bit at the sound of his voice, though that calm doesn't last very long as he reaches her side and she catches sight of the tray that he's carrying with him. It's like a collection of torture devices at first glance, shining metal components and syringes of various sizes. He grips the wooden bar and slides it open, reaching in to lower the tray by the side of her waist.

It's frightening having them this close and knowing they're there for her and that he's doing to use them on her.

She thought Alexander was going to feed her first?!

She burps and tastes something minty at the back of the throat and realizes that he might have fed her while she was sleeping. She feels a little drowsy and her limbs are heavy. She's too tired to even try and pull her hands back, but when he clutches the edge of her blanket, she jerks and lets out a panicked, muffled yelp through the rubber stuffed in her mouth.

“Shh… It's alright. I'm just here to give you some medicine. It won't hurt, I promise,” he tells her reassuringly, patting her lower leg with a gentle touch. “Is my mask scaring you, darling? Here, I'll take it off,” he says, reaching up and tugging the mask off. “But it'll be our little secret, okay? Don't let anyone know. I'm not supposed to take it off.”

He looks better without the mask. He's very handsome too and she's beginning to wonder if it's a prerequisite to working here. Then again, she has only met two employees here so far, so it's not a very big pool of samples to work with.

She finds herself so distracted by his face that she almost doesn't notice his hand squeezing her thigh until he's pulling his hand away.

His hand is so big, covering almost her entire lower leg just like that. “Would you feel better if I told you what I'm doing?” he asks.

She thinks for a moment and then shakes her head. Honestly, letting her know what he's doing would just make the anticipation worse. She would rather he get it done and over with without the additional torture of knowledge. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

He smiles and gives her a nod. “Alright, I'll talk about other things, then. I've been doing this for a long time and I'm not as scary as I look, promise,” he says. As he continues to talk, he pulls the blanket away with one quick yank.
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