Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative

XXX Porn for Women

Dare to dream! Here are your wildest fantasies in photos: men reading Jane Austen, spurning supermodels, and reading all of the instructions.
Porn for Women (over 100,000 copies sold in its first six months!) and Porn for New Moms left women begging for more. To satisfy, the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Collective has upped the ante with this “unrated” edition, showcasing men who are hotter, hunkier, and even more helpful around the house. In these forty ultra-steamy photos and fantasies, women will find their deepest desires fulfilled: “Honey, I paid off our mortgage!” and “I just booked you two weeks at Canyon Ranch spa!” This collection makes another sizzling addition to our hugely successful line of Porn for Women. Bring on the eye candy and bring on the clean laundry!
Praise for Porn for New Moms
“Genius gift idea . . . (I’ll be getting one for each of the 10 baby showers I have in the next three months!)” —Glamour Magazine
“It’s a book we wouldn’t mind sharing with every mother we know.” —
“This new book from Chronicle has got to be my favorite baby shower gift idea this year.” —
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