Victoria Aveyard

King's Cage (Red Queen #3)

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    Casthas quoted3 years ago
    Not a god’s chosen, but a god’s cursed. That’s what we all are
    Casthas quoted3 years ago
    To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun.
    Casthas quoted3 years ago
    Those who know what it’s like in the dark will do anything to stay in the light.”
    Casthas quoted3 years ago
    “If your heart’s not in this, you’re going to get a lot of people killed.”
    He whirls, almost knocking me on my ass with the speed and force of his movement. I have seen his fire firsthand, but never so strongly as the flame blazing in his eyes.
    “Cameron, my heart is quite literally in this,”
    fvaldes0100has quoted5 years ago
    It’s cruel to give hope where none should be.
    b8341663466has quoted5 months ago
    To look powerful is to be powerful. A lesson I learned
    b6867777777has quoted8 months ago
    Whore. That’s what Maven called her after the attempt on his life. I almost killed him where he stood
    b6867777777has quoted8 months ago
    He tried to let her go, or so Elane told me. Maven knew as well as any of us what a danger his obsession would become. Kill her. Be done. Be rid of her poison, he used to mutter
    b6867777777has quoted8 months ago
    You think I enjoy seeing you like this?” he murmurs. “You think I want to keep you a prisoner?” Something hitches in his breath. “It’s the only way you’ll stay with me.” Water sloshes over his hands as he draws them back and forth
    b6867777777has quoted8 months ago
    Well, I couldn’t exactly choose the person I wanted, could I?” he snaps
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