M.L. Ronn

Indie Author Confidential Vol. 6

This book is also available in the Indie Author Confidential Anthology series, where you can get all the books in this series in bundles.

The ground-breaking, behind-the-scenes look at a working writer continues with Vol. 6!

Prolific writer M.L. Ronn (Michael La Ronn) shares his lessons learned on his journey to become a successful writer. You’ll discover writing, marketing, business, and other miscellaneous tips that you don’t hear every day.

Covered in this volume:
• How Michael is preparing for his annual Beast Mode Challenge, where he writes 10 books in 90 days
• Michael’s most ridiculous marketing pitch ever
• Why the new writing app Atticus may be a game-changer for writers
• Some thoughts on death and what it truly means to be a writer

The information in this book is what writers discuss over beers at writing conferences. You may find it useful on your journey to becoming a successful writer. It just might make you more money and help you satisfy your readers, too.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Indie Author Confidential?

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