M.L. Ronn

Mental Models for Writers

The world’s smartest people use these secrets to 10x their success and make more money—and you can, too!

Do you wish you knew the unwritten rules to being a successful writer—you know, the things that no one will ever tell you?

Mental models are the unwritten rules of success.

Used in fields like science, engineering, and economics, mental models have guided important people for centuries…

It's only in the last few decades that these secrets have been “unmasked” by successful businessmen like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. But many people still don't know about them…

In this writer’s guide, prolific writer M.L. Ronn taps into the mysterious world of mental models, frameworks for thinking that will revolutionize the way you approach every aspect of the writing life.

This is the only mental model book on the market written specifically for writers!

* Win big with your writing by applying strange yet curiously effective ideas from mega thinkers like Plato, Sir Isaac Newton, and more
* Solve every writing problem effortlessly (including writer’s block!)
* Collect unfair advantages in every area of the writing life, including creativity, fiction writing, and business
* Transform your marketing & promotion using the laws of persuasion

In today’s new world of publishing, the world and all of its riches belong to the writers who dare to elevate their thinking and blaze new paths.

Are you willing to learn what it takes to join the world's most successful writers and thinkers?

Click the buy button to download your copy of Mental Models for Writers today!

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