Quotes from “Difficult Conversations (HBR 20-Minute Manager Series)” by Harvard Business Review

Ask yourself:
• Are there relevant factors you don’t know about?
• Are past experiences coloring your interpretation of events?
• Are you making unwarranted negative assumptions about the other person’s motives?
• Does my short- or long-term success rely on addressing this problem?
• Does the situation I’m facing concern a direct report or my boss?
• Is the relationship with this person short term (is it a one-time interaction or discrete project) or ongoing (for example, am I working with my boss’s boss or a coworker I rely on to get my job done)?
• How important is it, to me and to the organization, to improve the relationship or the situation?
• Is the issue affecting my ability to concentrate or how I feel about going to work every day?
• Does the situation I’m grappling with involve other colleagues or customers?
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