Milan Kundera

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

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A novel of irreconcilable loves and infidelities, which embraces all aspects of human existence, and addresses the nature of twentieth-century 'Being'.
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The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera


Aidina Tleugabyl
Aidina Tleugabylshared an impressionlast year
👍Worth reading
💡Learnt A Lot

Really interesting book which will question and challenge you a looot

Lola Loba
Lola Lobashared an impression3 years ago
🔮Hidden Depths
💡Learnt A Lot

This is the most quotable book I’ve read.

Stephanie Walker
Stephanie Walkershared an impressionlast year


Lola Loba
Lola Lobahas quoted3 years ago
Making love with a woman and sleeping with a woman are two separate passions, not merely different but opposite. Love does not make itself felt in the desire for copulation (a desire that extends to an infinite number of women) but in the desire for shared sleep (a desire limited to one woman).
eternal sunshine
eternal sunshinehas quoted17 days ago
Parmenides posed this very question in the sixth century before Christ. He saw the world divided into pairs of opposites:

light/darkness, fineness/coarseness, warmth/cold, being/non-being. One half of the opposition he called positive (light, fineness, warmth, being), the other negative. We might find this division into positive and negative poles childishly simple except for one difficulty: which one is positive, weight or lightness?

Parmenides responded: lightness is positive, weight negative.Was he correct or not? That is the question. The only certainty is: the lightness/weight opposition is the most mysterious, most ambiguous of all.
Shasha Setiyadi
Shasha Setiyadihas quoted3 months ago
the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine.

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